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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Space, Comfort and Protection

Ernsto Neto is a well known Brazilian sculptor interested in art as it relates to the living organism, he creates installations some refer to as organic architecture. His materials are thin soft stretchable fabrics sometimes stuffed with scented spices. The pieces are meant to be smelled and touched by the viewer, making one an active, intimate participant in the work. Ernesto describes his installations as “a place of sensations, a place of exchange and continuity between people, a skin of existence and relationships.”

Joo Youn Paek is a student at NYU and an object maker. She is also interested in personal space and particularly human behavior in response to the environment. Her pillow wig allows one to sleep virtually anywhere at any time; the subway, airplane, library classroom or laundromat. She intends the work to be humorous and practical. She intends to combine art and activism while exploring the world around her.

Hizamakura in Janpanese literally means “knee-pillow.” The object is shaped like a woman’s lap. It is made out of a skin-like material and is wearing a skirt and underwear. This product is based on a Japanese tradition, young children lay their heads on their mother’s lap while having their ears cleaned. 耳掃除 (mimi souji) or “ear-cleaning.”  Apparently, some Japanese men still desire the feeling of lying with one’s head on the lap of a mother or girlfriend as they age. Although the Hizamakura is not intended as an object of art, it does address personal space, the desire for intimacy,comfort and sensation of touch.

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  1. I would love to be able to take any of the above on my next flight. :)