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Monday, March 7, 2011


To repurpose is to use an item or substance for something other than it’s intended use. In this article, we celebrate four designers unique approach to recycling.

Ramon Coronado's project 'mercado negro' means “black market' in Spanish. The plan took 12-weeks requiring Coronado to dismantle and reassemble shopping carts (abandoned on the streets or thrown into the LA River) into his unique form of art. He built a chair, table and lamp. When photographed on the “beach” of the LA River, Coronado makes his comment on the lack of parks and functional recreational spaces within the city of Los Angeles.

Joy van Erven (Dutch) and Finn Ahlgren (Swedish) met in an Israel. With a joint interest in the unconventional, they started a the design studio named Godspeed. Each piece they make is constructed from scraps in the space of one hour. The speed with which they create an object results in their signature, an honest, straight forward design aesthetic which captures the essence of whatever they choose to create.

Designer Andrew Rumpler built these chairs out of salvaged piano keys.
He calls them “Tatum’s Lounge” after the 1940s stride pianist. It’s a play on words derived not only from the “lounge” style chair, but also the Harlem venues Tatum frequented as a pianist. The ivories are white, while also being very “green.”

Suitcase Pet Beds - Although this idea has been around for a while, it recently has become the latest in DIY home projects. Take the challenge yourself, what can I reuse?

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